Solico International (Pvt) Ltd (SIPL) was incorporated on 24th August 2000 as a limited liability company with the objective of providing specialized engineering products and services to the construction industry.

The company initially ventured into the fields of Waterproofing, Industrial flooring, Concrete repair and providing various types of construction chemicals to the construction industry and intends to expand into other specialty products/services.

The company has gained extensive experience in its fields of operations and it is comprised of a team of professionals who have long years of experience in the industry as well as in the business with superior contacts with all kinds of the target audiences.

The company represents world-renowned suppliers such as DWI Dermabit waterproofing Industries of Saudi Arabia, Speciality Engineering Chemicals of Dubai, UAE & UK, Deepseal products (M) Sdn. Bhd. of Malaysia, Elkem Products Norway, Arcansas of Italy, Migua of Germany, DS Brown of USA (Singapore), Bonar Natpet of Saudi Arabia (Netherlands), Zinga Metal of Belgium and some more suppliers from world over have already shown their interest to give the agency to us.


Solico International (Pvt) Ltd. (SIPL) is a specialized Engineering Company providing a range of products and services related to civil construction industry in Sir Lanka and overseas. These will include Waterproofing, Industrial flooring, concrete repair products, Insulation material, Microsilica and all types of construction chemicals.

SIPL is a major contractor and sub contractor to public and private sector enterprises.

SIPL will cater to its customer base through diversified, innovative range of products and services effectively and efficiently.

SIPL will maintain a steady increase in profitability and enhance the wealth of shareholders.

SIPL is a leading specialist engineering company that is diversified, innovative and customer oriented by the public.


Our mission is to be sensitive to changing market needs and create a convenient environment for people to live in through specialized engineering activities by providing innovative products and professionalized services.

We are committed to be the most preferred choice for those activities in which we are specialized and strive to delight our customers by virtue of our strengths, professionalism, and excellence and by providing the best quality services.

We aim to develop an innovative and offensive culture that places our customers at the center of all we do by hiring, developing and retaining high caliber people. We value our people as our greatest asset and develop entrepreneurial skills and reward them to deliver quality and excellence in all areas of the business.

Whilst doing so we will ensure a fair return to our share holders and support enhancing the quality of life of community at large.