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Deepseal PVC Waterstop -

Deepseal PVC ICJ 200
Deepseal PVC ECJ 200
Deepseal PVC ICJ 250
Deepseal PVC IEJ 250
Deepseal PVC ECJ 250
Deepseal PVC EEJ 250

Deepseal PVC waterstop
Deepseal PVC Waterstop lead the way in high technology Waterstop, combining 40 years of manufacturing know how to international standards. Job effective and cost effective, Deepseal is backed and serviced by people who understand the critical aspects of manufacture and application. Deepseal PVC Waterstops are extruded from specially compounded PVC in accordance with BS 2571 Class and ASTM 3 Type G3. They are designed for use in water retaining and water excluding structures where a positive seal is required for poured in-situ concrete expansion, construction and contraction joints.

The range of profiles for both centrally and externally placed applications when embedded into the concrete, form a continuous watertight barrier making Deepseal PVC Waterstops ideal for preventing water penetration.

These profiles are available in rolls with separate intersections supplied to simplify and minimize on site fabrication.

Concrete structures are only as watertight as the Waterstop that join them. Deepseal Waterstops are designed to allow for expansion, contraction and other movements that can use joints to open and close.

The efficiency of any Waterstop is very independent on good workmanship and on full compaction of the surrounding concrete. Optimum performance will be achieved if the waterstops is installed by keeping these factors in mind.

  • A full range of profiles and sizes to suit all construction requirements.
  • Factory made intersections to simplify and minimize on site fabrication.
  • Deepseal PVC Waterstop conforms to all relevant standards.
  • On-site welding equipment available.
  • Brass Eyelets are punched into outer flanges for easy wire tying to reinforcement on our internal profiles.
Principle Applications:

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Swimming Pools
  • Reservoirs
  • Dams and spillways
Water Excluding:
  • Basement areas
  • Underground car parks
  • Tunnels
  • Retaining Walls
  • Suspended Slabs
  • Pits
  • Roof Slabs
Deepseal Bentonite Waterstop

Deepseal Bentonite waterstop
Deepseal DB Series is high performance hydrophilic bentonite waterstop. Deepseal DB series is made high performance modified bentonite strips. The swelling action is the result between water and hydrophilic groups which are part of the Deppseal DB series molecular structure a positive seal against the face of the concrete joint and prevents the water entry into the structure through the protected joints.

A flexible butyl rubber and swellable clay waterproofing compound that swells upon contract with water to form a long-lasting compression seal in non-moving concrete joints. Waterstop requires a 2- inch minimum clear coverage from the face of the conrete. Waterstop is used primarly for foundation walls slabs, slabs-on-grade, precast wall panels, manoles, pipe connections, box culverts, utility and burial vaults, wet wells, and portable water tanks.
Easy to intall by bonding nailing or casting into joint face, Factory made connectors enable full interation of swellable and exciting waterstop networks. Swelling properties un affected by long term wet/dry cycling. Sustains effective seal in wet conditions.
SpECtite RS60 (Water plug)
cement based rapid set
waterproofing mortar

SpECtite RS60 (Water plug)
SpECtite RS60 is a blend of high purity silica sands, cements and additives which, when mixed with water produces a rapid setting mortar with an initial set of around one minute.

Principle Applications
SpECtite RS60 may be used for rapid plugging of concrete elements, where water leaks must be stopped.
  • Does not contain chloride additives
  • Rapid water-stopping ability
  • Pre-bagged-only requires the addition of water
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