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Product Name Description
Polyseal -
Liquid Applied Single Component
Waterproof Coating System
(Waterproofing Paint)

Polyseal is a high performance, liquid-applied waterproofing coating. It is consisting of a very elastic polymer with the inherent flexibility allows the membrane to accommodate movements in the substrate. Polyseal is specially formulated to seal, decorate and simultaneously waterproof exterior surfaces in a two-coat application. This does not allow growth of fungus. Brush, roller or airless spray may apply it.

Principle Application
  • Walls
  • Concrete roof slabs
  • Roof terraces
  • Asbestos roofs
  • Bathrooms
  • Laundries
  • Gutters
  • Drains
  • Brickwork
  • Fiber cement board
Ease of application
  • Easily applied by brush, roller or airless spray. Surfaces can be damp or moist when applying Polyseal.
Dermacryl -
Liquid Applied Single Component
Waterproof Coating System
(Waterproofing Paint)

DERMACRYL is an acrylic, water based waterproofing emulsion that cures into a tough elastic film. Able to withstand severe expansion and contraction movements, A non-toxic environmentally friendly coating that combines both waterproofing and reflective abilities.

Principle Application
DERMACRYL Can be used:
  • As a general purpose waterproof, liquid applied, exposed coating on flat and pitched roof, civil work and Facades.
  • As a light reflective weatherproof coating on plastered, exposed facades and external walls.
  • As a reflective, top coat on various types of DERMABIT sand surfaced, APP and SBS torch-on membranes to protect them from ultra violet deterioration.
  • As a reflective top coat in water based liquid system involving straight and rubber emulsions like DERMALATEX.
  • As a reflective top coat on various other waterproofing systems like polyurethane foam depending on compatibility.
  • As a maintenance rejuvenating coating for old built-up torch-on or other compatible exposed roofing material.
  • As a protective, reflective, weatherproof coating for various insulation material like Fiberglass and polyurethane profiles around pipes.
  • For termination of waterproofing works around pipes, conduits, A/c boxes, etc.
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