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Ecogum - Torch - on Bituminous

Ecogum 3P PBS/Sand
Ecogum 4F PBS/Sand
Ecogum 4P PBS/Sand
Ecogum 4P Slated

Ecogum - Torch - on Bituminous Membranes
ECOGUM is a high quality APP modified Bituminous waterproofing membrane, developed using the most up - to - date technology that enables it to perform over time and given long lasting waterproofing characteristics

Features of the Ecogum membrane
  • Positive barrier to water vapour
  • Excellent resistance to atmospheric agents
  • High flexibility at low temperatures
  • Withstands thermal shocks
  • Easy application
  • General purpose membrane for various waterproofing jobs : Roofing,
    Wet areas, Basments, Reroofing etc.
  • Resistant to water borne chemical attack.
Elasphalt 4170 (Torch-on
Bituminous Membranes)

Elasphalt 4170
ELASPHALT a high performance SBS modified elastomeric waterproofing membrane which combines the ability to withstand high ambient temperature with the usuel characteristics of an SBS membrane of high flexibility at low temperature that makes it easy to apply at sub-zero temperature. It is suitable for all types of waterproofing works.

Principle Application
  • Roofs
  • Foundation works
  • Basement tankings
  • Where high flexibility and malleability are required.
(Self - adhesive Bituminous Membranes)

Adesobit 1550(1.5mm)
Adesobit 1660(1.6mm)
Adesobit 2100(2mm)

ADESOBIT is self-adhesive cold applied ELASTOMERIC rubber modified bituminous waterproofing sheet membrane with 100 microns co-laminated HDPE film carrier

Principle Application
  • Basement floors & walls
  • Flashing as exposed ends
  • Reflective waterproofing system
Application method:
Old applied, self-adhesive on Primed surface.
Armoproof (Protection board)

Armoproof 3.5mm
Armoproof 6.5mm

Armoproof (Protection board)
ARMOPROOF is a semi - flexible vapour-proof, water and puncture resistant protection board

ARMOPROOF is a tough, semi-flexible premoulded bituminous board for use as a protection course to waterproofing against backfill for below grade areas, and against damage caused by construction traffic, concreting of other toppings in horizontal areas.

Principle Application
Protection to waterproofing membranes and coating in foundation walls and slabs, parking and plaza decks, wet room floors, roof terraces, tunnels, bridge decks, planters, pools and fountains, etc.

ARMOPROOF provides positive protection not only during construction acridities and backfilling, but also at the time of later settlement.
Principle Application
  • Withstands normal construction abuse and impact from backfilling operations.
  • Protection against construction traffic, concerting and other topping works.
  • Rot-proof-unaffected by permanent or periodic immersion in ground water.
  • Resistant to salts, chlorides and other chemicals normally found in soil.
  • Impermeable to water and low vapour transmission enhances water tightness
  • Semi-flexible, can be bent to normal contours while maintaining rigidity.
  • Stable at high temperatures while retaining flexibility in cold weather.
  • Excellent resistance to puncture and normal site handling.
  • Can be applied by adhesive or by torch.

Armoproof 3.5mm
Armoproof 6.5mm

DERMAPRIMER - Is a bituminous liquid that seals porous surfaces, such as concrete and when used improves the adhesion of Bituminous material that are to be applied to the substrate. We recommend use of DERMAPRMER in all applications of DWI DERMABIT range of torch applied and self adhesive membranes. DERMAPRMER conformas to ASTM D-41.

Synthetic PVC Waterproofing
RENOLIT ALKORGEO – Waterproofing for Civil Engineering
With or without geotextile (polyester or polypropylene) With or without reinforcement (polyester or glass)
Solutions & systems
Water Management: Water collection, Storage, transport, trématent & ground water protection.
Underground protection:
Tunnels and foundations
PVC Waterproofing Membranes for Roofs
PVC Waterproofing Membranes for Roofs
Solutions and Systems
  • Flat & Pitched
  • Ecological solutions
    • Energy saving - RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT
    • Energy producing – RENOLIT ALKORSOLAR
    • Water management - RENOLIT ALKORGREEN

  • Aesthetical solutions – RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN
PVC Membrane for Swimming Pools

PVC Membrane
Renolit Alkorplan
  • Homogeneous PVC films for pre-fabricated liner pouches
  • Reinforced PVC membranes for on-site lining
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000:plain colours with PMMA upper layer
  • RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 3000: print designs with upgraded PMMA upperlayer
Principale Application:
  • Private pools
  • Public pools
  • Hotels
  • Water parks
  • Water parks
Bentonite Membrane -
Waterproofing system for
Foundation Walls and Mat

BentoTelo is a betonite Geo-compound made from sodium bentonite encased in a special
self - hooking non - woven fabric and a strong polypropylene membrane tightly sewn together.

  • EC Certificate
  • Self-hooking
  • Self-sealing
Bento Telo key benefits
  • Bento Telo key benefits
  • Easy application
  • Quick Installation
  • Self-sealing and self-hooking
  • Ultimate storage as long as kept in sutable conditions
Principle Application
  • Protection and waterproofing of under-ground concrete structures where ground water is present (Basement floors & walls, foundation walls, etc.)
  • Garages, Cellars, Voltes, Tunnels.
  • Garages, Cellars, Voltes, Tunnels.
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