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Sport and civil synthetic surfaces - POLIACRIL DUE FINISH
Protective finish for concrete and plasters.

Poliacril system of higher quality, with high resistance towards atmospheric agents, thermic excursion, ice/thaw phenomena.

It prevents the deterioration due to the carbonation; guarantees resistance to mechanical stresses and has got a very good adhesion on the support in concrete.

The toxicity of the product, due to the polyurethane binding system, is under the regulations in force in Germany; this fact prevents the user to any danger of intoxication during the application, even if, of course, all the necessary cautions have to be taken.

Grey, white, beige, others if requested.

Poliacril is a varnishing product, really effective for the protection of manufactured works, both those prefabricated and built (civil plaster, pillars, viaducts, etc.) This product is particularly suitable for the protection against atmospheric agents, chemical substances and those elements in concrete used as central strip ("New Jersey"). It is proper every time you want to preserve the structure of the support and keep a nice aesthetical aspect unaltered for a long time, too.

Poliacril Uno Primer
Preventive treatment of surfaces in concrete and plasters.

Adhesion promoter and consolidating material of the support, previously to the finish with our POLIACRIL DUE FINISH.

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