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Micro Silica

Micro Silica
Elkem Microsilica Grade 920 is dry silica fume available in two main forms.

Undensified - 920 U with a typical bulk density of 200 - 350 kg/m3

Densified - 920 D with a typical bulk density of 500 - 700 kg/m3

Principle Applications
  • Bridge Decks.
  • Parking Structure.
  • High-Rise Columns.
  • HPC Bridge.
  • Shotcrete Rehabilitation.
  • HPC Constructability.
  • Enhancing Mechanical Properties..
  • Improving Durability.
  • Enhancing Constructability.
  • Producing High-Performance Concrete Bridges.
Fly Ash - Pozzocrete
Cement Replacement

Pozzocrete 83 is a high efficiency pozzolanic material, obtained by selection and processing of power station fly ashes resulting from the combustion of pulverised bituminous/sub-bituminous coal. Pozzocrete is subjected to strict quality control.

Recommended uses
  • For Concrete - General purpose plain and reinforced structural concrete with 28 day strength levels exceeding 50 MPa.
  • For micro-grouts for crack sealing in repair works.
  • Special purpose concrete, such as pre-stressed pre-cast concrete and high performance concrete.
  • High grade, sulphate resistant / marine resistant blended cements (Portland Pozzolana Cement).
  • For mortar - High performance mortars for use on external plastering on sea areas.
  • Mortars to be used in the repair of structural concrete.
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