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MULTICOLOR STONEFACE - Color Evolution for Architectural Façade

Patterned Finish
A revolutionary breakthrough in coating science to deliver versatile pattern finishes at designer’s choice. Infinite combination of colors come in to play to create stone/ marble/granite/mosaic /etc. hues from our creative nature earth. Enhance color saturation, depth, and textural dimension to architecture surfaces. Custom color to match any selected natural stones or building materials
Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern
Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern
Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern Versatile Pattern
Superior Durability
Based on the highest grade UV resistant fluorocarbon polymer, Multicolor Stoneface is formulated to withstand the stringiest climate stress and long term UV exposure. Complies international quality standards in lightfast, crack - bridging, waterproofing, permeability, anti-stain, anti - algae, heat resistant, fire retardant, low temperature tolerance etc. highest grade architectural coating can achieve.

Low cost, instant spray
Multicolor Stoneface is a one-component coating product, ready to use without any pre-mixing procedure. Instantly by air spray, a consistent, evenly distributed multicolored pattern is formed onto the applied surface. Low material consumption, low cost, quick dry time, a modern solution for new construction as well as old structure make-over repainting.

Light weight, easy maintenance
With merely less than 3kg/m2 of total material weight, Multicolor Stoneface can create stone finish at the minimal burden to the building structure. 100% Polymer membrane forms a seamless, non-porous waterproof protection on building surface, provides long term protection against efflorescence, chalking, rusting, rust bleeding, staining, rain seepage, algae and fungus. Easy maintenance, long term color durability. Create any stone pattern, color hues, tone at your free choice.

Design & Application:
  • New Building RC Facade Interior / Exterior.
  • Old Building Re-coating on Tile / Metal Cladding / Stone.
  • Cladding / Pebble Wash / Water or Oil Based Paint Walls et General Waterproofing Wall Elastomer.
  • GRC, column, profiles, architectural detail surface coating.
  • Pre - cast panel / board surface coating.
  • Landscape element surface coating.
  • Stone finish Upgrade & remodeling.
  • Stone replacement.
Applicable Substrate:
  • Concrete, Masonry, Plaster, Gypsum.
  • Calcium Silicate, GRC, Precast.
  • Ferrous metal, galvanized metal aluminum.
  • Fiberglass, Glazed Block, MDF, Masonite.
  • Plastic, Laminate, Vinyl Wall Covering.
  • Wood Surface.
  • Ceramic Tile, Granite,Marble, Sandstone.
  • Epoxy, Urethane.
  • Previously Painted Surface etc.
High Performance Multicolored Coating

Exterior Use:
MULTICOLOR STONEFACE is a one - component multicolored spray coating for exterior wall finishes. With all - colors - in - one-component formulation, a consistent multicolored pattern can be achieved instantly by a continuous single-spray application

World's leading multicolor technology brings in all colors at all forms and shapes together to create exuberance of patterned finishes, giving building façade and it's elements an unique cosmetic make - over unparalleled by monotone paint.

The interplay of colors and patterns can liberally create granite, marble, sandstone, pebble-stone, a variety of stone pattern finishes. Offering a versatile, low cost alternative to obtain stone - like expression to architectural structure.

Based on highest performance silicone fluorocarbon system, MULTICOLOR STONEFACE is fit for interior and exterior use, with all-rounded functionalities designed to meet the stringiest weathering requirement for all climate and locations.

  • Instant multi-colored finish by single spray for a guaranteed pattern consistency.
  • Unlimited colors/patterns choices. Color matching services available to customize any desired granite/marble/mosaic/vinyl etc. patterns.
  • 100% resin content by fluorocarbon-modified silicone resin to achieve highest performance in UV resistance and climate degradation. Inorganic pigment, light fast.
  • Waterproof undercoat at choice for crack bridging performance.
  • Hydrophilic surface formulation for superior stain and pollution resistance. Anti-algae/fungus.
  • Applicable on all types of new and old concrete, wood, metal, gypsum, plastic, glass, ceramic, calcium silicate/fiber board, tile, masonry substrates, and existing paint works (with appropriate system primer.
  • Free system design from 500micron flat finish to 2mm textured thickness. Re-coatable.
  • Odorless, low VOC, non-toxic. Green building material.
  • Fast and economic application by air spray.
  • Low maintenance. Suitable for new and refurbishment projects.
Illustration on color matching against granite "Caledonia"

Groove Line Design

Groove line may be installed to simulate granite block design.

  • Locate groove line design. Mark the line with primer SP-21(black, grey, white), allow 4 hours to dry.
  • Adhere masking tape along the premiered line edge.
  • Remove groove line after application of MULTICOLOR STONEFACE Pattern Coat.

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