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SpECbuild BA10 -
Water resistant additive
and bonding agent for
cementitious Systems

SpECbuild BA10
SpECbuild BA10 is an SBR co-polymer latex, which has been specifically designed for use with cementitious mixes. It can be used to form water and vapour resistant bonding coats, prior to application of renders, plasters or screeds. Due to its exceptional adhesive properties, it can be used to bond slip bricks, tiles, coping stones, curb stones, etc., to a variety of substrates, including asphalt and glass. When incorporated into cement mortar mixes, it forms polymer modified systems which exhibit excellent adhesion, improved tensile, flexural, and compressive strengths, excellent resistance to water and water vapour and improved chemical resistance. SpECbuild BA10 modified mixes are non-toxic and can be used in contact with potable water.

Typical Uses
SpECbuild BA10 modified mixes can be used for the following applications:
  • Floor repairs
  • Spalled concrete
  • Bedding tiles
  • Bedding tiles
  • Fixing slip bricks
SpECbuild Primer S1 -
Styrene butadiene resin
bonding agent for
cementitious materials

SpECbuild Primer S1
SpECbuild Primer S1 is a single-component bonding agent for cementitious repair systems.

Typical uses
SpECbuild Primer S1 may be applied onto clean, dry substrates to promote a high strength bond between cementitious materials and particularly with SpECbuild cementitious repair mortars.
  • Single component. No mixing
  • Suitable for use in hot climates Economical in use
SpECbuild SG15 -
High strength, one part
polymer modified repair

SpECbuild SG15
SpECbuild SG15 is a pre-bagged, one part cementitious repair compound. After the addition of clean water a high strength, non-shrink mortar is produced.

Principle Application:
SpECbuild SG15 is designed to provide a structural grade repair mortar particularly in situations where abrasion resistance and low permeability are required, such as:
  • Repairs to structural concrete elements, e.g. reinforced beams and columns.
  • Highly trafficked surfaces, particularly transition strips adjacent to mechanical bridge joints.
  • Floor repairs in industrial areas, especially if exposed to oil or lubricants.
  • Repairs in marine environments or other situations where concrete is in contact with chloride or sulphate solutions.
  • High bond strength to concrete substances.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion similar to host concrete.
  • Compensated for plastic and long-term shrinkage.
  • Low permeability providing protection against the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide.
SpECbuild LWC50 -
Lightweight cementitious
repair compound

SpECbuild LWC50 is a one component, pre-packed, polymer modified cementitious repair mortar. The product incorporates a blend of selected cements and aggregates, which includes a light weight filler, giving the product unique high-build characteristics while achieving compressive strengths in the range expected from medium strength concrete.

Principle Application:
SpECbuild LW50 can be used in a range of applications such as:
  • The replacement of de-bonded, cracked or damaged concrete.
  • To repair concrete structures or buildings suffering from carbonation or chloride attack.
  • The reinstatement of "honeycombing".
  • Re-profiling concrete and masonry.
  • Overhead and vertical situations where the product is particularly suited.
  • Provides excellent application and performance characteristics in hot climates.
  • Pre-packaging and quality raw materials ensure constant performance.
  • Fast and easy to use, needing only the addition of clean water.
  • Extremely low permeability thus inhibiting the ingress of carbon dioxide, and chloride ions.
SpECbuild MC500 -
High Fluidity Micro Concrete

SpECbuild MC500 is a one component, pre-packed, micro-concrete. On the addition of the specified quantity of clean water, the product produces a highly fluid micro-concrete, suitable for the repair of concrete structures. SpECbuild MC500 incorporates additives, which control shrinkage and reduce water demand.

Principle Application:
SpECbuild MC500 is designed to reinstate large concrete sections, or to be used where access is difficult or congestion of reinforcement limits the use of traditional materials. The product may be used to provide repairs in a variety of situations, such as:
  • Structural repairs to columns.
  • Replacing sections of concrete beams.
  • Making good areas of honeycombed concrete.
  • No compaction required
  • Low permeability inhibits the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide.
  • Excellent bond strength to adequately prepared concrete substrates.
  • May be placed by pump Chloride free.
SpECgrout C2 -
High fluidity, shrinkage
compensated cementitious grout

SpECgrout C2 is a pre-bagged, one part cementitious grout. After the addition of clean water, the material produces a free-flowing grout, which provides maximum contact area to the structure being grouted. This is due to the unique shrinkage compensation system utilised in the manufacturing process.

Principle Application:
SpECgrout C2 may be used in all grouting applications, where maximum contact area is required and where high flow characteristics are desired, such as during the installation of:
  • Anchor bolts.
  • Precast units.
  • Crane rails.
  • Turbines.
  • Generators.
  • Pressing and milling machines.
  • By altering the material's consistency, other operations may be carried out,
    for instance, filling holes due to formwork ties.
  • No compaction required
  • Low permeability inhibits the ingress of chlorides and carbon dioxide.
  • Excellent bond strength to adequately prepared concrete substrates.
  • May be placed by pump Chloride free.
Specgrout C1 -
High strength, shrinkage
compensated cementitious grout

SpECgrout C1 is a ready to use, one-part cementitious grout. The addition of clean water, produces a non-shrink grout of predictable performance.

Principle Application:
SpECgrout C1 may be used in grouting applications, where a fluid/flowable grout is required and where consistency of performance is essential. Typical applications are as follows:
  • Anchor bolts.
  • Turbine base plates.
  • Generator base plates.
  • Pressing and milling machine base plates.
  • Non-shrink.
  • Consistent performance.
  • High bond strength to concrete and steel.
  • High compressive strength at early ages allowing minimal downtime on machinery.
  • Low permeability.
SpECcoat Zn25 -
one part zinc epoxy primer

SpECcoat Zn25
SpECcoat Zn25 is a one-part primer based on a blend of epoxy resin and zinc.

Typical uses:
SpECcoat Zn25 is recommended as a primer for exposed reinforcement where a corrosion resistant primer is specified. It is specifically developed for use with SpECbuild cementitious repair mortars
  • One part.
  • High metallic zinc content inhibits corrosion.
  • Compatible with SpECbuild cementitious mortars.
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